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What is BFL?

Beyond Famous Labels (BFL) is a tech supported online retail outlet founded in Mumbai, India in 2017.
Beyond Famous Labels is a platform where designers can showcase their work to a clientele that is discerning enough to look
Beyond Famous Labels. Welcome to a Global Destination. Welcome to Beyond Famous Labels.

Why BFL?

  • No Joining Fee
  • International Customer Base
  • Secured Payments

How does it work?

Beyond Famous Labels is an innovative concept and provides a platform for global independent designers to showcase their
collections directly to customers

  • 1
    Designer signs
    up on BFL
  • 2
    Products are uploaded and
    smartly marketed by BFL
  • 3
    Customers buy
    from BFL
  • 4
    BFL pays the designer the
    mutually agreed % on sale

Is it for you?

If you are a fashion designer who wants to thrive outside the stranglehold of stores or if you are a connoisseur of couture who
is tired of waiting for sales, Beyond Famous Labels is the place to look at.

We're looking out for Designers who push the boundaries of imagination to stitch something so new that it makes the wearer go phew!

Are you ready to step into the spotlight?

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